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1994 Honda Magna 23,000 miles $2500 firm.  

Upgraded handlebars 1.25", Upgraded Grips, Chromed Wide Brake/Clutch Levers, Cee Bailey's Windshield on Hondaline Mounts, Reworked stock seat with a Utopia bacrest, VTX Shocks, Kuryakyn bullet lights, Chrome Caliper Cover, Hondaline Crash Bars, Wolo Chrome Horns 114DBs, Chrome Radiator Cover, Jardine Drag Exhaust, Dynojet jet kit, Hondaline Backrest with upgraded pad, Hondaline Rear Fender Rack, Leatherlyke Lockable Hardbags, Metzler ME880 Tires with little left in them but I have a new set of IRC tires to go with it, Sealed Battery 14AH, Cyclistic 1" fork extensions, Barnett Kevlar Clutch and a couple of other little things I forgot. This bike needs nothing to ride away, starts right up no choke in the summer and 15 seconds of choke in cold weather. The ONLY reason I am selling the bike is due to the fact I need room in the garage. I just bought a Yamaha Venture and don't have room in the garage as I have two other Magnas. This bike is in excellent condition, you will not be disappointed. Contact me at NebularMan@hotmail.com to set up a look see.

Did you go to Americade up in beautiful Lake George NY?  Make to the Roar to the Shore in Wildwood?  Get your fun in the dirt at Walden MX?  Get all your event photos at:



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1996 Honda Magna VF750C
"Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul"
The Magna was a replacement for my Kawasaki ZL600, nice trade up!  Went more cruiser than sporty.  The kawi was more sporty than cruiser.  The magna handles so nice and it loves to sport around the twisties besides comfy cruising.  You can find me many a weekend up in Harriman State Park here in New York at the top of Perkins Peak.   Also I like to hang out at Bear Mountain on wednesday nights as there are many bikes as well as cars on show for all.                  http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/thumbpage.aspx?e=3047553
I recently bought a getaway home in the Lake George area and hope to ride the area this summer.  I have been going to Lake George and Americade for many years and have a great base of operations now.  Since owning this bike I have found that it is an effort to find custom parts for the Magna.  I have browsed many a website to find what I have added to my Magna since I purchased it.  I created this website in order to share my information to help others with Magnas get the parts they really want.  Of course there is always ebay where I have gotten many great deals on parts.  I have sold a few too!
I added to the Magna: Vance & Hines pipes, Jardine Light bar, Stage 1 jet kit, Metzler ME880 tires,  Hondaline luggage rack, Saddlemen Desperado Sissy Bar Bag, De Pretto Moto
Chain Guard and a De Pretto Moto Radiator Cover.  Go to    
for De Pretto Moto Parts.  Look into the De Pretto Moto page I have here for the catalog parts page.  I know that De Pretto Moto has unfortunately discontinued some items so good luck in getting what you need.
 I added Leatherlyke Saddlebags, they are lockable and look great as well.  Latest items I have added are  MC Highway pegs, Studded mud flap for the front fender,
Show Chrome brake pedal cover, Hondaline windshield hardware with a  Cee Bailey 18" replacement windshield that is thicker and much nicer than the stock honda shield.  They come in different sizes and tints. http://www.ceebaileys.com/cycle/      
Denso Iridium Spark plugs  IUH24 0.035 gap www.clubplug.net
K&N Air Filter http://www.MAWONLINE.com/ and 
Cycle-istic handlebar risers
Mother Nature granted us a couple of really nice days in the beginning of March 06 so I got to ride with my new Mustang saddle.  Thanks to Steve down in Georgia I got an awesome deal on a new looking Mustang seat.  What a comfortable ride, I have been enjoying the cruising much better.  I recently added a new DID X chain with sprockets and I also put on Kuryakyn Flame grips.   
Americade in Lake George NY the first week in June was a great event even though mother nature did not cooperate as nice as expected.  It was chilly and showery most of the week.  I looked at it this way, I got rained on heavy 3 times last year in the hot humid days of Americade.  This year I got rained on heavy once on the ride back from Burlington Vermont.  I figure I fared better this year than last!  Go see pics from many years Americade in Lake George NY  at:
I  purchased a 1994 Yellow Honda Magna so I may have a bike at my upstate house in November of 2006.  It was a diamond in the rough and had a long way to go to look like the 96.  I  hunted ebay for parts and found many that are on the bike now.  I went cheap and found a set of Jardine Drag pipes that someone didnt like.  I got them on ebay from a guy that was getting rid of them because they are too loud.  The 96 had them when I first purchased it and I thought it would win loudest bike contest.   Well any drag pipe is loud for sure!    I bought a new fuel tank from www.RonAyers.com and they beat the dealers price by more than a 150 bucks.  I found a wrecked Magna and split up the parts with a friend.  I got many good parts including chrome handlebar controls, chrome fork covers, and dynojetted carbs.  On ebay I bought new grips that went with the diamond theme on the bike.  I also found on ebay a new triple tree top and rear fender rail covers to replaced the pitted ones.   It has been transformed bit by bit, I made this one a drag bike and went minimal.  Lighter the load the faster we go!  Finished rebuild Stage 1 with many new parts and much cleansing and polishing of the bike.  I hope it likes being pampered now!  I installed the cleaner top of triple tree, hondaline crash bars, Wolo horns, new controls, fender rails, fuel tank.  Off of the wreck I got a VTX headlight that had a scratched up case so I purchased a new case from RonAyers.com and put it all together, it looks great on the bike!  It went to honda and got the carbs cleaned and synched and an X chain and sprockets installed. The rear sprocket has two extra teeth for some more tourque.   While it was there I got Metzler ME880 tires, stock size on the front and a 180/70-15 on the rear.  From JC Whitney I bought a diamond brake pedal cover.  I also got diamond passenger pegs, not that I need them with the solo seat.  On ebay I found a cobra chrome brake stay and added that.  I  purchased a radiator cover from Mapam, VTX shocks.  I also got a new Tbar from ebay.  That made a nice difference in comfort and handling.  They are 8" up and 8" back and I find that I am seated very upright.  The bike also seems to handle real nice with the bars.  Eventually when I am inspired I will route the wires through the bars to clean up the look.  I more recently added 1" fork extensions and progressive fork springs and it made a big difference in handling.  It takes corners better than the stock set up on the 96. The transformation to this point took 9 months so I think I did pretty good for just getting to work on it on weekends.   Check back to more upgrades.
Recently I purchased a 1988 Super Magna that was in real good condition.  I had seen some 87's and some other 88's but this one really did not need anything.  Most of the others were molested in one way or another or were just in sorry shape.  Since Honda reportedly (by the people at S.M.O.G.) produced only 3300 units this bike is a rare bird.  It comes with 80+hp out of the box and cruises nice on the highways.  I am going to add Metzler tires to it also to improve the handling and the ride.  My problem will be finding parts to upgrade or to make the bike perfect as ebay only shows one page of parts.  It only has 12,000 miles on it and runs like a champ.  It is a bit different in its feel than the 3rd gen Magnas but is great to ride.  If you can find one in good shape I say go for it!  Ok so I have gone over the bike and the first upgrade is tires.  I went Avon Venom tires and I am not dissapointed.  I also came across an idea for chrome lovers.  I added a Honda Shadow Chrome Brake Assembly.  It helps satisfiy my chrome needs.  I needed to get the bike a little lower for my wife and added VTX shocks.  The thing is the upper bolt that is left behind is butt ugly.  Now some have changed the tops of their shocks I just have not gone that far yet.  I did however go to Ace Hardware and find a nice chrome hex head and washer to replace the ugly bolt.  I have added the Hulio polished triple tree, Handlebar upgrade with 1" Honda Magna and Valkyrie brake and clutch reservoirs and bar ends and choke lever.  I got lucky and found someone selling a brand new Hulio triple tree.  I searched and searched and found a Laser exhaust that was for sale.  It was brand new and still in the box.  The only problem was it was over in the UK.  After much begging I got them to sell it to this Yank.  It must have taken about 25lbs off the bike as the stock exhaust is way heavier.    I was very lucky to find these pipes as  Laser discontinued the exhaust.  Maybe we Super Magna Owners should all write Laser to make a new run of pipes, there are quite a few owners that need them.   Some parts that would really change the look of the bike are the faux air cleaners and radiator covering parts as well as the Speedo/Tach bezel.  These were sent out to the chromer and the results are amazing!  The original Dunlop tires were not up to snuff for handling.  I went and got a set of Avon Venom tires that made a world of difference.   I bought a Leatherlyke Backrest Bag and although I don't necessarily like the way it looks it sure comes in handy. 

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Here is the service manual for the 
1988 Super Magna

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View of the Hudson River Perkins Drive Harriman Park NY

Tappan Zee Bridge in South Nyack NY

The 96 itching for a ride but 3 feet of snow does not a bike ride make!

94 Lake George
Customized stock saddle with backrest and VT600 Hub Cover...more chrome!!!!

The 94 is finally road worthy, Metzler ME880 Tires, carbs cleaned and synched, new grips.

Added a great box that came painted.

2 Generations of Magnas 1988 and 1996

The two hotties in my life, my favorite sitting on the bike of course!

The 88 after some upgrades.

1988 Honda Super Magna after I just got it.

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1996 Honda Magna VF750C